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I've noticed some of you have tried to delete my SnapChat account so that's why I'm trying to make it to 6-7 snap chats a day. Last time I was able to get you to 6 was because I was trying to get you to 7 (dead island), then it shut down and I was really mad. You can listen to me cry on the voicemail. Make sure you don't delete my SnapChat account. I don't think you even know what it is. Deleting it is like deleting one of my favorite things. DAMNIT DON'T YOU DARE DO THAT.

dead island v 1.0.0 trainer

It's a shame this still hasn't been fixed after so many years but in case anyone's interested I did get it kind of working though I'm still testing. I was told that if you complete the first mission I.e. satellites mission and don't go to the Labs mission which is were game crashes you can then go to Island and find shuttle but that didn't work however once I went to the Island which is already visible even before first mission starts but minus the shuttle!. I just used enhance trainer to spawn Shuttle and then use trainers engine multiplier to speed things up and the flew it upwards it takes ages but eventually you will be in space that is as far as I got so far as I couldn't remember what key was assigned to the space menu as I wanted to spawn to each planet instead of flying there as controls were acting up but as I was messing with trainer I ended up spawning back to main Island :(. haven't gone back yet as I have to do mission again and that's a pain in the arse however I think next time I'm just gonna spawn shuttle without doing any mission and see if i still can fly to space as I don't think doing first mission is even needed if spawning shuttle I'll update next time I try but thought you guys might appreciate the heads up instead of waiting for me. just install everything that's needed and spawn and fly that's it. Hopefully one day they will figure out what the real issue is and get this amazing mod working as it has so much prelatial to extend this game even further it was so cool to see it working at the start I just hope it gets going again.


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