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RemoveIT.Pro.v7.65.Enterprise.Editi.Hot.Release.rar __FULL__

Have you heard about the Community Projects in Visual Studio? This release includes a package for creating community editions of Visual Studio. We released a package for the Source Server which allows.NET developers to develop websites using VS Code. Also included in the release are two packages for testing your ASP.NET Core project. In previous releases, there was no way to test it on Linux. Now you can!



  • The preview release also includes many new features of VS Code. These include: Tabs for better ergonomics

  • Keyboard shortcuts for advanced navigation

  • Feature Bracketing for partial edits

  • Packages with releases

  • Linting and tooling for new languages

Microsoft is pitching the upcoming release of Visual Studio as the best Visual Studio release ever. As for me, I am not so sure about that. In my opinion, Visual Studio 2019 was an over-kill release that was ill-prepared and rushed out and 2018 was definitely a better release with IDE features such as IntelliCode, improved debugging experience and better search functionality in text editors. Nevertheless, Visual Studio 2022 has quite a few improvements and changes that qualify as reviving dead sea turtles. So let us dig further and find out what is coming with Visual Studio 2022 and what are the improved features that developers will get to use.

We understand that a lot of you guys use VS Code to develop your Web Applications. We decided that you guys should continue to enjoy the benefits of developing Web Applications with the same Microsoft code editor. So, in this release, we included the ability to use both Visual Studio and Code side by side. You can always open a project in Visual Studio without losing the settings in VS Code. Lets see some of the highlights of this release.


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