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JDownloader: How to Download Instagram Content without Losing Quality

I've seen mixed feelings on here about JDownloader 2, but I've had some success downloading images and videos (not actually sure if it'll also download stories) from Instagram using JDownloader 2. At first, JDownloader would only catch about 2436 images. After inputting my Instagram log-in info on JDownloader, close the program, then re-open it. It should now download all of the images and videos on Instagram (again, not really sure if it includes stories).

jdownloader download instagram

ClipGrab primarily allows you to download Instagram videos or any other videos from sourced websites. This tool supports many different video file formats, with MP4, MP3, FLV, and others, being some of them. It is also used to convert downloaded videos into any file format of your choice. ClipGrab is easily downloadable for all Operating Systems, including Windows, Mac, and Linux.

JDownloader is another Instagram Downloader compatible with over 600+ different video hosting and sharing sites or platforms, such as TikTok, YouTube, and Facebook. It has various download options such as adjusting bandwidth limitations, auto-extracting zips or other archives and download automation with precise control. JDownloader is supported and trusted by many developers and testers who continuously add and improve features. However, it can be an intense application to run when downloading many videos.

VideoProc supports hundreds of video sharing sites and applications and provides a great deal of functionality built right into it. Apart from being a powerful video downloader, it comes with video editing features such as cropping, transition effects, subtitles, and more. There are various conversion formats to choose from in this Instagram to MP4 converter, and you can even convert videos to be compatible with specific devices. Even a screen recorder tool is baked right into it to create screen recordings of your computer screen and save videos to the system.

How to download instagram photos and videos with jdownloader

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DownloadGram is one of the best online Instagram Downloader tool used for saving Instagram photos and videos. It has a beginner-friendly interface that feels comfortable while downloading or searching. Just copy the link from the copy link option on the video from Instagram and paste it inside the text box available on the DownloadGram site, select the resolution and click on the download button. Within seconds the file will be ready for download and complete downloading concerning the connection speed.

GramSave lets users download Instagram photos and videos quickly without any hassle. The process to download Instagram videos is easy and also allows Instagram to MP4 converter features. Just open your Instagram app or website, copy the image or video URL, paste it in the text box present in GramSave and click on the download button. In a few seconds, the videos will be able to save Instagram videos to your device, and these videos can also be converted to any other file format.

InstaSave is a widely accessed site that is used for downloading Instagram photos and videos online. The portal is easy to access with a simple interface, and the users can easily understand how to download the videos from the site. The process is the same and requires the link for the post to be copied. Then it is to be applied in the textbox for download. Just click on the download button, and the tool allows you to download videos from Instagram, with the file stored on your device.

Instadownload helps users to download videos quickly with burst speeds. The procedure remains the same as copying the link from the Instagram post and downloading it. The tool is also ranked excellent and mark as one of the best Instagram downloaders on the Internet. This online Instagram to MP3 converter offers a decent, yet limited experience when it comes to fetching content from IGTV too.

Step 2: If you already have the link to the video that you want to download, you can skip to step #5. Otherwise, open a web browser and go to Now log into your account.

Step 6: Once the download begins, you can view its progress from the Downloads tab. The file will be saved to the download directory that you set in Settings. By default, it will be saved in the Videos folder.

The fact that the social media giant Facebook had to buy out Instagram after it became that big of a threat should tell you enough about how popular the social media app is. While the mobile app for Instagram has plenty of detailed features, the web-based version is quite limited, and you might end up looking for an Instagram to MP3 converter to fetch a jingle used in the background music of a video. Moreover, there is plenty of informative and educative content on Instagram too, which would be a breeze to watch with the help of any Instagram downloader out there.

However, there are plenty of limitations involved with the online Instagram downloader tools you find by the bunch, whether it is related to the performance, downloadable video quality, or the user interface. The primary reason you should put your trust and hard-earned money into SnapDownloader is the complete transparency the app offers, with no cutbacks on the features. From being a robust tool to download Instagram videos in MP4 and convert them directly into MP3 audio to fetching multiple videos from IGTV in one sweep with the Bulk Downloads feature, SnapDownloader a powerhouse.

This extension connects your browser to the JDownloader, which is a Java-based download manager. The extension offers two operation modes:1. Sends downloading jobs from the right-click context menu2. Interrupts the built-in download manager and redirects your requests to the JDownloaderThe second mode is disabled by default. To enable it, click on the browser action button once. Whenever the interruption mode is not needed, click the browser action button one more time to disable this optional feature.

JDownloader 2 is the beta version of download manager JDownloader which allows you to transfer files from a large number of sites and hosting services. JDownloader 2 features a more modern interface, adds some new features and is also better organized than the first version. Supported download sites and services have been extended and you can now define new criteria for filtering downloads. JDownloader 2 also now integrates with Web browsers.

I was using IDM with windows & it worked awesome.( IDM has a unique reputation & is well known for offering browser integrated download tools/buttons that I have not found with any other program. IDM is uniquely helpful & powerful. It also can uniquely download from social media/facebook/instagram,etc. & separately hosted video from countless sites, some video hosting sites it can download from that Jdownloader even has problems with, & vice versa. IDM even can download audio. Does anyone know of any other program that does the same? See screenshot:idm.jpg832466 44.2 KB

I also tried to use XDM ( it installs fine, it can impressively download from instagram without login/cookies via extension, but it cant download from facebook for some reason. Here is another link for XDM:GitHub - subhra74/xdm: Powerfull download accelerator and video downloader.

Jdownloader also can download from instagram, facebook, etc, but with private content it requires that you tell it all your social media login info, which IDM & XDM completely bypasses. There are a lot of disadvantages with Jdownloader. Pros & cons. So XDM & IDM are superior to Jdownloader when it comes to instagram/facebook & browser integration & speed/convenience.-Thanks!

u can use uGet as an alternativeu can install it using sudo apt install ugetit is a free and open-source download manager that supports multiple protocols such as HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, BitTorrent, and Metalink. it provides features such as queue management, resume downloads, and bandwidth scheduling.

Thanks for telling me! I just tried it out. It doesnt catch instagram or facebook, or any videos actually, at least not via a web browser. So I see no difference than Jdownloader which i already have. Also uGet wants cookies, in other words, login info, for instagram when i tell it to download from instagram, which IDM & XDM dont need, & therefore is unnecessary.So it appears, I've solved part of my problem, as XDM is really awesome. But only issue is downloading stories,reels & videos from facebook, which XDM cant do.

@swarfendor437 , cool! Thanks for telling me, never even heard of that browser, I take study notes on all browsers i learn about, so definitely will add that to my list! it has some cool tools in it! unfortunately after trying it out, it doesnt work with facebook & instagram, & its a headache in regards to those sites, it wont play videos on those sites, its got codec & driver issues, see forum link for example (LINK)

So it doesnt appear that will work. One cool thing about slimjet that I've never seen before is that it can natively download from youtube, & also its got really cool settings/config options, reminds me of seamonkey! seamonkey is not very good now though as its basically abandoned. & lots of sites dont work with it.

I have an excellent YouTube down loader called 4K Video Downloader and works awesome .... downloads really fast but doesn't down load everything .... Vivaldi .... my browser down loads most other stuff for me ..... but again doesn't down load it all ....

@Abdulhalim ,thanks for the recommendation for FDM. I have only tried it on Android & Chromebook, but not Windows or Zorin. But just now I tried it out. Unfortunately its not any better than XDM, or Jdownloader. FDM has a browser extension but it doesnt actually work at all with Chrome or Firefox, when installed. So it cant do an integrated browser download from instagram, youtube or facebook. Especially if they require a login.There is still nothing I have found that is like IDM. (Tagging @Frog )


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