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Dead Or Alive 3

Wait so is this series really dead or alive? On one side it seems dead (this one is on Switch but not coming) and on the other side it seems alive (DOA 6 coming to all platforms except Switch). Which is it Tecmo, why you a Switch hater? Also where's my Fatal Frame 4 & 5 HD Remastered for Switch?

Dead or Alive 3

As with past games in this series and the cringe-worthy Dead or Alive feature film, DEAD OR ALIVE 5 features a number of sexy female and male fighters, along with some guest characters from Sega's Virtua Fighter series. There's frantic hand-to-hand combat (as well as weapons, magic, and deadly finishing moves) and interactive environments that also change during the match. Visually speaking, this game offers high-definition graphics, including realistic-looking and smoothly animated fighters (that even sweat while they fight), facial expressions, and clothing that flows according to physics. The game also has numerous solo and multiplayer modes, including Internet-enabled matches and tournaments. 041b061a72


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