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Westgate Buy Back Department

About West Gate BankWest Gate Bank is a family-owned community bank with 11 locations in Lincoln and Omaha. West Gate Bank is large enough to serve all your personal or commercial banking needs yet small enough to provide the outstanding personal service that only a community bank can deliver. At West Gate Bank, our interest is you! Visit for more information.

westgate buy back department

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This resource is for applicants who are required to obtain an Idaho Department of Health & Welfare background check or clearance for services provided to department clients through their agencies, as employees, or as required by state statute.

An enhanced clearance is a clearance issued by the Department that includes a search of child protection registries in states or jurisdictions in which an applicant has resided during the preceding five years. Only certain individuals are subject to an enhanced background check.

People working in the Department Programs; those who are licensed or certified by the Department; and those who have direct contact with children or vulnerable adults may need a criminal history and background check.

Once the background check is complete, the applicant and agency associated with the application will be notified by an automated email. The results letter will be available to view and print from the website.

Boater and Hunter Safety ClassesKent County Sheriff's Marine Division conducts these free classes seasonally. Bus TransportationAlpine contracts with the Inter-Urban Transportation System (ITP). Fixed route service originates from Grand Rapids, into Walker, and then serves areas of Alpine Avenue, Alpenhorn Drive (York Creek and Alpine Slopes Apartments), Lamoreaux Drive (southern edge of the Westgate sub-division) and then back on Alpine Avenue. For route times and maps, see ITP's Web site. In addition to fixed route bus service, any Alpine Township senior 65 and over or person with special needs residing within1/2 a mile of the bus routeà is eligible for GO!Bus services. GO! Bus provides door-to-door transportation services by appointment. A one-time application must be filed prior to making an appointment. A map of Alpine's route is available. In addition, any Alpine Township senior 65 or over,or person with special needs living more than a 1/2 mile from the bus route has transport available through the Hope Network.Alpine subsidizes those services with Community Development and General Fund money. Contact the Hope NetworkTransportation Department by calling 616.243.0876.

Again, trying to work things out with Westgate will be akin to negotiating the cessation of nuclear proliferation with Kim Jong Un. The sole purpose of Westgate is to make money by selling timeshare - not accepting timeshares back into their portfolio, which ultimately hurt profits. Another primary consideration before attempting to go this route is that if you are unsuccessful in your negotiations, it will be nearly impossible for any other entity to assist you in canceling your timeshare. 041b061a72


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